Super BBSO2

Asked him on Amazon whether he can back up his claim with any pics.
Let's see whether there will be any forthcoming...

He might have tinkered himself, who knows?
Reviews say it all really...

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This is a total scam. there is no 16 ...
By Amazon Customer on February 10, 2015
This is a total scam. there is no 16 fet controller made for this particular motor set up. In fact, if u look closely at the pics, you will see that this is designated as the 500W Bafang, not the 750W bafang.

Bucetti is known for not honoring exchanges or their warrantee.

Their 52 v battery is nothing more than a standard Li battery.. all Li batteries have their fully charged voltage at 52 v or higher (ie 48 v is the resting or nominial voltage. fullly charged, they are 52-58 v, depending on their configuration).

Dont believe the nonsense positive reviews. The first one is simply a first time reveiwer.. probably done by the company itself.