Need kit/battery advice for 48v 1000w kit


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I'm looking for the best deal I can find on a decent quality battery pack.....I think.

I bought a used kit from a person on offer up that new less about ebikes than me.
It was a 48v 1000w rear brushless motor Golden motor kit with a controller and battery in unknown condition, but the wheel/hub assembly appeared unused.

I couldn't verify if the controller was good or not, so I bought this one as a replacement:
It says good for 48v-60v, 1000w, but didn't list max or continuous amp rating.
I'd do more research if I were to buy a controller now...

Anyway, that got bike going, but far slower than expected at around 13MPH max, and slow getting to that speed.
So I tried wiring in the controller that came with the kit (as I'd researched a bit more about wiring in controllers) and it only starts to go for a few feet before shutting off power. Have to switch battery off and back on again to repower the system, and it would then do the very same thing. Tried easing into the throttle slower, but anytime I tried to go over 1/3-ish on the throttle power shuts off.

Testing with both controllers in the garage while holding the bike up yields a very fast RPM (no weight load).

Both road and garage testing was with the battery fully charged up to around 52volts.

So, not having the test equipment to test components and wanting to eventually put a second kit together anyway, I bought a new kit off ebay:
JAUOPAY Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 48V 1000W 26" Rear Wheel. Everything included conversion kit (minus battery) with LCD.

My plan was to use the motor and controller in the new kit to test out the rest of my components.
Mounted new wheel/hub assembly, and power shuts off after a few feet with both the Amazon controller, controller that came with the first kit, and the new controller that came with the kit.
I did not charge the battery for these, but it still measures fully charged, and only has a couple minutes run time from previous charge.

My layman reasoning says I have a battery with an issue, and that though it measures fully charged, under load it is out of range amp wise for the controllers.

So, 48v,15ah, 30amp continuous battery recommendations?
Yes I've emailed Jenny, and she is working up a price delivered. :)

Anyone purchased something in that range recently and feel they got a good bang for the buck?

Would prefer a Hailong type frame mount, but also not afraid of building an enclosure.

There are sooooo many out there, and so many that make quality claims that I have a hard time believing given their price.
See this thread for various respectable battery vendors. If you don't want to send your debit card & bank information to ***** for hacking by 3rd parties, california-ebike & stock respectable batteries in the US.
You can test your battery with a 15 ohm 750 W resistor some alligator clip leads and a DVM. Charge up, put resistor on. Battery should produce 3 amps for hours. 10 ohm will test at 5 amps. 5 ohm will test at 10 amps but 750 watt resistor will seriously heat up.
Log resistors come from newark, digikey, or sometimes cheaper, or I bought a bunch of 5 ohm 250 w dale resistors for $5 each plus freight, years ago. For audio amplifier testing.
The green computer board in the picture just mounts a 20 A on off switch. THe battery in aluminum angle in the picture was garbage. Didn't get my money back from e-bay; took more than 31 days to prove it was the battery, not the motor or controller. Had to transport battery 27 miles to town in a bad headwind to where I had test resistors clip leads DVM & switch.
Got a good battery from lunabike, still using it 4 years later. He is out of 48 v battery business.


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There seems to be a supply issue with batteries currently. Probably the surge in e bike interest/sales. At some point i would like to get a good quality 48v., 30 ah triangular battery for my BBS02 build.