Shimano CN-M6100 Chain lasted 3,000 km

I believe the chain that was just replaced was a CN-M6100 Shimano. Just for the record it lasted two years and almost exactly 3,000 KM. Not sure what average mileage is, but seems this is fairly good. I use a couple different types of spray lubricants, and the bike has heavy use going up insanely steep hills and also pulling a trailer with the dog in it fairly often.

The new chain the shop just installed is a Taya, probably the e-DECA-101 since the bike is a ten speed. The shop didn't give me the box or make a note of the model. I've read mixed reviews on Taya but initially it is shifting smoothly. We'll see how long it lasts and if there's any problems. Good to get this done before heavy riding over the summer.
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