Sale on IGH & SL bikes (US)


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Looks like today Specialized put a bunch of IGH (Como & Vado) and SL (Como, Vado, Creo) models on sale, ~18-26% off at a quick glance through.

Seems like the MTB had a few on sale before today, but it's now expanded.

I've been pondering a Creo for gravel and recovery road riding... Hmm...

Side question - other than Mastermind TCU vs old style, any particular difference between the older and newer Comp Carbon EVO models?

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The standover height on the Creo is so high: it is 791mm for a size small! :(:confused:😧

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Yeah, I’m 5’8”, and a medium Creo is just fine.

If you’re looking for a good price, I’d suggest being patient and shopping online with their dealers. I found an S-works version in California, in April of last year, and saved $3500 before shipping and assembly. I think shipping was around $400-500, and I paid about $150 for assembly. They shipped it to a Specialized dealer near me for assembly. It bought it here; You may notice they’re currently offering the same sale prices as the Specialized site, but when this years models are released, I’d bet they’ll drop further. Heck, give them a call and discuss it with them.
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The standover height on the Creo is so high: it is 791mm for a size small! :(:confused:😧
Have you looked at the E5 specs? The value is totally wrong! Look at the Creo Carbon geometry.
I was fooled by that 791 mm myself... I'm 5'8" and could mount the Creo E5 size M with ease!
FWIW - I chatted with RiderCare a couple days ago asking about how long the sale was scheduled to continue. They replied that it had been scheduled to end on March 20th, but ecommerce team kept it going and hadn't given a date.

Today when I was in my Specialized LBS - ordering a Creo - the store owner intimated that he believed today may be the last day of the sale.

This of course is all speculation and hearsay, but for anyone on the fence contemplating an order do consider that today is the last day of the month, last day of the quarter, and Trek's current sale ends on Sunday.