Turbo Creo 2 Comp E5 (aluminum) is out, is a Vado SL 2 next?

Thanks @jabberwocky , Yes, I admit I haven't looked very hard re. a conversion because I figured then I'd have to find two things: first a road bike that fits me well and would be easy for someone to convert (technically); second, someone to do the conversion safely and correctly, plus any maintenance required going forward. That seems a big ask.

I definitely looked at Liv a few years ago and again recently and was surprised they didn't have any drop-bar ebike offerings. One thing, though, is that there are a few other e-road bikes out there that would probably fit me, but I want a Class 3 and won't compromise on that. Most of the ones other than those made by Specialized are Class 1. A couple of times I was sure I found a good option only to realize it was a Class 1 when I looked closer. That's just not going to work for me. If I'm spending this much money, I want it to be right for the kind of riding I do with my husband. If only he were a little slower! :D
My wife has a Liv Thrive, which is their version of the Giant Fastroad (which is Giants flat bar road ebike). She loves it. They did have an XS (my wife at 5'-5" rides the small). Not listed anymore. It is class 3.

Liv never had a version of the Revolt E+ or Road E+ when Giant had them. I would hope they do when/if Giant ever updates those models. But who knows if they will. I'm generally skeptical that "womens geometry" really needs to be a thing, but at least woman oriented brands like Liv tend to have smaller models available.
Yeah, @jabberwocky , I am not sure if women's geometry needs to be specific, but smaller sizes with shorter reach and standover need to happen. I looked seriously at the Thrive when I was first e-bike shopping, but that was during the pandemic, and there were no XS's to be had. Other than having flat bars, it was about the best choice at the time for me. I ended up with flat bars AND Class 1 in the Kona Dew-e DL, after convincing myself I could live with both. It's a wonderful bike, the size Small fits me (!!!!), and great for a utility steed, but neither the flat bars nor the Class 1 are what I want for the majority of my recreational riding. I had to compromise then because of the supply-chain problems, and now, anything but custom would again be a compromise. I think I'm done with that.
Just to close things out, since a lot of kind folks on this thread gave me advice and encouragement in my quest for an e-road bike, I wanted to let you all know that I decided to order the Zinn. It will look like the first bike on this page but with drop bars. And I'll probably have it a month before I could have gotten the Creo I didn't really want because of the Apex mechanical shifting and color. Also found out that the top tube on that one would probably be a little long for me, as the Zinn folks say my ideal top tube is 492 mm, based on the detailed measurements I sent them. My bike will have 650b wheels, which I also prefer to 700s, at my size. And 150 mm cranks! So, I am broke but happy. o_O:D

Thanks again for all the inputs a lot of helpful people provided, especially a shoutout to @jabberwocky !