Riese & Müller Homage HS and Superdelite Mountain both with Rohloff E14 Ride

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I just wanted to say hello from Lexington, MA. My first bike was the Riese and Müller Homage HS with Rohloff E14 / Gates Belt that I ride as a car replacement. I've been exploring where I live which has many historical locations that I'm excited to see while riding my Homage. Recently, I got the Superdelite Mountain with Rohloff E14 / Gates Belt both from Seacoast Ebikes in Newington, NH which is about one hour from me. I'm now learning how to ride off-road trails with rocks and tree roots plus starting to go downhill paths with burrs. Since riding both bikes have very different uses, I have ride videos from both bikes on my YouTube channel.

My YouTube Ride videos channel https://www.youtube.com/c/SoundsandSightsVideos

I never really worked on my bikes before, but with the Superdelite Mountain, I've changed out the handlebar to have an 80mm rise for better height for me and my bad lower back and installed REVGRIPS Pro suspension shock reducer grips because my hands from off-roading were starting to hurt and really nice platform pedals for better grip during the off-road trail riding.

My next possible upgrade for the Homage and Superdelite Mountain is new rear shocks; I'm a plus-size rider that requires higher than 300psi max so I'm looking at the FOX FLOAT X Factory Rear Shock - Metric, 210 x 50 mm, EVOL LV, 2-Position Lever, Kashima Coat with MAX 350PSI "HEAVYWEIGHT FEATURES IN A LIGHTWEIGHT PACKAGE" for the Superdelite Mountain. Has anyone installed this shock on a Superdelite and especially Mountain?

I ordered today the Fox FLOAT Factory DPS Remote Lockout Rear Shock 190 x 40mm for the 2021 Homage HS also with 350psi max pressure plus the Fox remote.

The images are of the Superdelite Mountain with the upgrades so far. I'm accenting the FOX Shocks blue caps with the add-on components being blue or blue accents.


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Looks good!

I'm waiting on a Delite HS Rohloff that is tentatively scheduled to be built in mid-October. I took the free sea freight option, so I've settled in for a looooong wait.