RadRover Headlight Replacement


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Has anybody experimented with replacing the headlight?

Mine is starting to blink erratically as though there is a short somewhere, and since it isn't all that bright, I am considering replacing it entirely, but using the stock wiring and just soldering in a new light.

Ideas/suggestions appreciated, otherwise I'm just going to hack away and see what happens.
FYI ... the headlight operates at battery voltage (48 - 52 VDC), so any light you choose to replace it with will also need to be capable of using that voltage.

While fiddling around with mine, I discovered that the protective clear film was still stuck on my lense, and it seemed a bit brighter once I peeled it off.
A voltage regulator would step the voltage down to the right level, or a resistor would work, too.

I decided to install a 1200 lumen light I had on another bike for now. Didn't want to mess with the voltage discrepancy.
Can't say I rely on the headlight for true illumination, mostly use it so I am visible to others. No shortage of ambient lite at nite in the urban SoCal area where I live.

I was actually a little surprised that headlight used full battery voltage ... I thought LEDs only needed 5V, but I guess this is a different animal.

What took me down this path was, I was thinking I'd look for a red taillight to splice into same line that powered headlight so both would be powered by battery (versus my AA battery powered blinky lite). So far I haven't had any luck finding a red taillight that works at the battery voltage.