Radmini From Fat tires to Skinny Tires


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Is it possible to change the tires on a rad mini from big fat tires too skinnier tires? Let's say going from the 4 inch Fat Tires to 2 inch or two and a half inch? I do zero trail riding, no beaches, no mountains. Just city streets and paved bike trails. It's something that could be done or something that I would want to do? I'm new to this and my bike will arrive in 3 days. Any comments or suggestions?
You can always buy a new rim for the rear and respoke to the motor. Might need to do the same for the front, as a new wheel might have too narrow of an axle. Maybe $100-150 per wheel, but that's a heavy little bike and I am sure will be a lot more comfy/fun with the fat tires.