1. C

    6'2" and wanting to comfortably pedal on a RadMini Step-Thru v2 - Doable?

    Anyone else of a similar height and liking their RadMini Step-Thru and can offer me some assurance that I won't regret buying one (over a different model)? Background: We just started getting back into cycling with our full-sized non-electric city/hybrid bikes, but I want an e-bike so that I...
  2. GrandPappyMike

    Limitations on Riding Uphill

    I was unaware of the limitations of riding uphill with Rad Power Bikes. Since I live in the Catskill mountains pretty much anyway I go is uphill. I also am older and have COPD so from my perspective these limitations seem a bit disappointing to me. I'm going to continue to do what I have been...
  3. C

    RadMini Step Thru for 5'2"

    Do any of you have good or bad experiences to relate regarding the RadMini Step-Thru for a shorter person? I'm looking for a bike for my wife who is ~5'2" with 28.5" inseam. I'm a little worried about the height of the handlebars and distance from the right hand grip to the gear shift lever...
  4. tolivercrash

    Radmini or Veego Fat Tire

    So glad I found this site. I have gathered a lot of helpful information in my search for my first electric bike from the forum and the detailed reviews. And now it’s time to ask the community for some opinions. How I’m going to use it: commuting to work, 10 miles one way, Jacksonville, Florida...
  5. D

    RadMini/FatBike Mount or Non Hitch Rack Solution

    I am in the market to find a mount or a rack to accommodate a RadMini/FatBike. Curious to know what everyone is using. I can simply fold the bikes and place them on my truck. However, this limits my truck bed space. Thanks.
  6. M

    2018 Addmotor MOTAN M150-P7 vs. 2018 Radmini

    Interested in any comparison between these 2. Seem pretty similar. Rad is very responsive with their support which is huge bc i'm not an expert on electric bikes or a bike mechanic.
  7. Calldon

    Radmini From Fat tires to Skinny Tires

    Is it possible to change the tires on a rad mini from big fat tires too skinnier tires? Let's say going from the 4 inch Fat Tires to 2 inch or two and a half inch? I do zero trail riding, no beaches, no mountains. Just city streets and paved bike trails. It's something that could be done or...
  8. Calldon

    New to EBikes and RadMini - Dallas

    I just had a major birthday and decided to treat myself. So I ordered a white RadMini. I haven't seriously biked in over 30 years. I'm hoping this will motivate me start riding again and eventually ride a lot, ride often and use it for exercise. I need to get my slim figure back, or at least...
  9. RadRider

    New RadMini rider observations Day 1

    Hello all. New to the forum. Lots of good info here that made my decision on this bike. I wanted to give some info on my purchase and riding experience to help any other would-be Rad Powered buyers. I'll start from the beginning. I ultimately decided on the RadMini after deciding a folding bike...
  10. Byung

    Group Order suggestion for RAD Power Bikes to save money

    I'm planning to buy a RADMINI ebike in Los Angeles. If anybody wants to join the group order in order to save some money (discount, shipping charge), then please let me know. I think Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the ideal time for the best deal, but we can order earlier depending on the...
  11. R

    Radmini weight and potential issues with removing front wheel

    Hi, I'm considering buying a RadMini, but am concerned about the weight. It is listed as 61 lbs, but I would like to know how much it weighs when both the front and rear carrier racks are removed, the battery is removed, and the front wheel is removed. This would, I think, be the minimum weight...