RadMini/FatBike Mount or Non Hitch Rack Solution


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I am in the market to find a mount or a rack to accommodate a RadMini/FatBike. Curious to know what everyone is using. I can simply fold the bikes and place them on my truck. However, this limits my truck bed space. Thanks.
I've been using Saris SuperClamp 4 Freedom platform rack for my two Radrovers and RadCity Step-Thru since Sept/2016. I had to upgrade the 4 tire trays for 4" fat tires at $80 for the two fat tire ebikes. I was lucky to find a returned rack on Amazon for around $550 (reg price $750). Pain in the butt to move around at +70 lbs and it takes up a lot of space in the garage.

If you have an hitch, I would look at a hitch mounted cargo platform rack that can flip up when not in use. You can still fold the Radmini to lay on the rack (might need some water proof padding to prevent scratching the paint). You can also wrap in a bike cover if the weather is bad. You can add any type of chains, locks, U-Bolts, and/or cable locks to secure to the tray.

Probably not a flip up rack this large; but, what I was thinking, Amazon, $125: https://www.amazon.com/Leader-Acces...ns&keywords=hitch+cargo+carrier+flip+up&psc=1