RadExpand brake inhibitor extension wire


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Arlington, Virginia
200 miles on my RadExpand and a month of folding to take it on MetroRail during my commute and I found I needed to fix a known problem with the wiring harness - the brake inhibitor wire coming out of the left brake handle is a couple inches too short. Every time I fold the handlebars, the tension on the cable would pull the connectors apart. I needed a short extension wire, and found this reasonably short 2-pin Julet extension wire on eBay enabled me to fix the problem. I hope RadPower fix this at some point.
Another way. There should be a single, thick, cable coming from the controller. Perhaps you can gain more slack at the handlebars by tracing that cable out. I’m sure it’s bunched somewhere. Pull that cable more to the handlebars and you’ll gain more slack on everything. This thick cable may be zip tied near the controller.