Phone mount that stabilizes camera for dash cam use

My guess is the app does more of the heavy work and utilities some sort of in app stabilization. The mount does not look like it absorbs much and the selling point is it does not block the lens. I bet you could use a quad lock case and the app and get the same results.
Yeah, it's 100% sw stabilization. The mount that they are hoping you'll buy so they get a commission does have silicon/rubber contacts which would make it a bit better than a completely rigid mount.

It's unclear to me if their stabilization is any better/different than what I can already get through my Pixel and Google. Need a subscription to get the good stabilization, remove watermark, and the ability to record in background(on Android at least).
The key is that the software is designed around dash cam needs. So it loops until you need to save a clip after an incident.