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I was just in Honolulu for a few days as the wife had business there. I had been to all of the other islands in Hawaii but never Oahu. I normally golf on these type of trips but this time I decided to forgo golf for the beach and ebike riding. I found a company in Honolulu (Pedego Electric Bikes Waikiki) that rents ebikes and I chose the full size Ridge Runner for $75/day. I was initially concerned about the traffic but found that this powerful ebike made negotiating the admittedly heavy traffic easy . Once out of town, it was really great and I chose Diamond Head crater as my initial destination. It was a really fun ride ( I circled Diamond head 3 times) with unparalleled scenery. The bike made the modest climb to the crater easy but the only way to summit Diamond Head is on foot and that was a workout.

The ability to go 20 mph uphill (with max pedal assist) made getting out town (e.g. traffic) easy and fast. I am now a committed ebiker with 3 bikes on order. Can't wait to get them and will always consider an ebike rental when flying to destinations with good weather, beautiful scenery and open bike accessible terrain.
I recently returned from Maui and saw quite a few ebikes while there. Sounds like you had great fun.
Last time I was in Maui I thought it would be great to get around on an ebike. It's disappointing that they cost so much more to rent than a car (we rented an older car for $30/day. bikes were at least double that, each). I would love to rent a couple Radwagons with surfboard racks rather than drive everywhere.
Bikes are such a great way to be a tourist, I hope it becomes less of a novelty in the future.
The cost is $70 for 4 hours in Wenatchee, WA.
[/QUOTE. Would you believe $25 an hour in Ocean Shores? Saw quite a few last time there; just checked their prices.
Glad I brought my own. Pretty boring beach actually, but the wife likes it there.
I like Long Beach better. They have a good bike trail to Westport.
Oh yeah, I prefer L.B. as well; the wife likes Ocean Shores. & I like Ilwaco, & the occasional sturgeon. I make those trips by myself.
Least ways it´s a stop on the circuit. Have ridden the Westport trail & the cranberry coast many times. Lotta trails ´round L,B. too.
I didn´t know the trail had been extended all the way to L.B. Last time in Ilwaco, the Sea Hag had closed, pity, THat was a great
place to drink & swap lies with fishermen.
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I wonder if they used cheaper bikes, such as Rad Rover, if prices would go down.

It's possible but I think it would depend on service costs. For some reason, most of the ebike rental shops I see use Pedego. The prices I see are considerably cheaper than $70, but it isn't Hawaii. While in Florida a year ago, my wife and I rented a pair of Pedego's for $55 / day each.
@Timpo, I suspect that it is not just the amortization of the bikes. If I rented one bike just one time per week at $80 for a day and took two weeks off, in one year that is $4,000. But what about insurance? And location would be vital for success so rent would be high. Renting retail space in rural Kansas is different than renting retail space at Carmel by the Sea where there are tons of monied tourists at play all year long. Mad Dogs rents bikes for as much as $95 per day. They can buy these 'Vintage' bikes in bulk for about $635 each and rent them at $95 per day so a bike can pay for itself in about one week. The other 51 weeks are gravy. Then they sell them and get a new batch.
I've been renting e-bikes in the city for the past year, and I love them! They're the perfect way to get around without having to deal with traffic or parking. I also appreciate that they're more environmentally friendly than cars.
I've rented e-bikes from, and they've all been good. I usually rent for a day or a week, depending on how much I'm going to be using it. The prices are very reasonable, especially compared to the cost of parking a car in the city.
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