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This is going to be thread posting #1 in what will be a series of separate thread posting by me in regards to my dealings with the Mighty Lil' Beast known as the X52 (and X48) Ariel Rider ebike.
First of all, my “information”:
70 years old.. 5'9” tall.. Out-the-door bike rider weight is 200 pounds. Inseam (very important) is 30”.
Mountain biker since 1983. Ebike nut since Oct. 2017. I currently own 6 ebikes: 2 that are awesome.. 1 that is “okay”.. 3 that are absolute crap. Since I am retired, I try to do a 50 mile ebike ride every day. Some days I do 40 miles(bummer).. Some days I do 60 miles.. I divide my rides between 3 dependable ebikes.
I stumbled across the ArielRider X48/X52 ebike on YouTube. Naturally, since I am always on the lookout for another “toy”, I was gradually sucked into the moped-scooter-bicycle ebike configuration mystique, as well as the awesome rear hub motor power available in the X52 model setup.
So, the following occurred:
Ebike: 2021 Ariel X-52 ebike (blue)
Price: $2,099...
Order date: May 18, 2021
Delivery date: Aug 5, 2021
The blue beast now (as of Dec. 6, 2021) has 2,630 miles on the odometer.
My indoctrination to the X52 make me quickly realize that, as a mountain bike cyclist of old school bikes for 35+ years (1983 thru 2018), my leg muscles were “geared” for proper full- extension during the pedaling phase of cycling. When I took the X52 out the its initial 10-mile shakedown run, I had to stop at mile #3 to stretch out my VERY cramped leg muscles. And then again at mile #6. And finally at mile #9. I was mortified by the fact that I had just spent $2,000+ of my hardly earned money on a contraption that was going to most assuredly put me in an early wheelchair because of improper leg muscle extensions. Remember that I do 50 mile daily bike rides AND that I am also a pedaler, NOT a throttle-only scooter (ebike-type, or otherwise) operator. What to do, what to do??
By the way, I equate the pedaling of this ebike to be the same as sitting on the toilet and trying to pedal any distance, be it 1 mile or 50 miles. Try it. Really weird, huh? Cramped to the extreme. A very tough lesson learned. As for you, the viewer: locate a bicycle and adjust the seat/saddle height so that the TOP of it is 34” above the ground. Now, instead of just a ride up and down a city block, go do a 5-to-10 mile bike ride. Feel my pain??!! That is what YOU will have to look forward to, too.
So, as the saying goes, “when life gives you lemon(s), just make lemonade.. And so I did. Thus the reason for this particular thread.
[[ You will be best served if, at this time, you scroll down to the photo's at the end of this thread-- that way, the remainder of my words of wit will make ALOT more sense to you.]]
Okay, so the 34” top height of the factory seat/saddle is at least 6” too short for my 30” inseam legs. By the way, the factory saddle may be referred to as a “log seat” by some. I call it a “turd seat”-- totally useless (for me).
PLAN “A”: the black toolbox: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B089JCL464/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Shock absorber “seatpost” unit. This thing looks crazy as heck, but it does work quite nicely. I have ridden one of these for thousands of miles (total) on some of my other bikes. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B089RNJSGW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Any seat/saddle: your choice..
In theory, the above formula worked perfectly; The correct seat height for my 30” inseam legs.. A storage unit for an addition ebike battery (at least in my particular case-- more on that in a different thread later on).
I have actually ridden this combo (see photo's) and it worked within the following limitations:
The numerous sharp edges, which were actually minimized by using this particular tool box, were still something to be aware of.
When a tool box is labeled as “steel”, there can be/are many variations of “steel”. In this case the steel was more like “beer can metal” and wasn't nearly sturdy enough for my 200+ pound tiny hienie. So, I got some sections of 2”x6” lumber from a construction site and, using the end of the tool box for a template and a new mitre saw to cut with, made 4 internal braces. Each was cut out in “horseshoe” fashion to allow room for a extra 18” long Reention Dorado (style of battery case as used on the X48/X52 ebikes) to be stored inside the box. I also attached 4” long metal “L” brackets to each brace for added stability.
The above scenario worked otay UNTIL I decided that the tool box still had a little too much “play”. When on 50 mile bike rides (“e”, or otherwise) you do not want to have a nagging feeling that maybe this is not such a long term “fix” after all. Be it noted: if you are only going on 10 or 20 mile ebike rides, then this option will be okie-dokie.
However, stand by for further (better) fixes.
Also, it quickly became evident that just 1 extra battery would NOT get me 50 miles worth of daily riding. Bummer deal FER SURE. On to PLAN “B”..
This is the method that I am currently using quite effectively. Thank Gawd.
Mail Box: https://www.amazon.com/Gibraltar-Ma...0GM0/dp/B075RQTKFZ/ref=asc_df_B075RQTKFZ?tag=
First of all, let me say that I REALLY lucked out by buying this particular internet mail box. Everything about it is “spot-on” for the purpose at hand-- my butt. Its 8.9” height is the absolute maximum for my 30” inseam legs. If it was 1” taller, I'd be s.o.l.- - unless I decided to do a “chop job” on it-- lower it a few inches. Too much work 4 me. But, again, more on that option later.
After purchasing, and installing this item onto my mighty X52 beast, one day I stumbled onto the MailBox section of my local Lowes Home Store. I quickly discovered that, like tool boxes, mail boxes, too can have varying definitions of STEEL construction. Not a one of the under-$30 in-store units would have been sturdy enough for my 200+ pound weight purpose(s).
However, there is also this particular mail box for sale at LOWE's:https://www.lowes.com/pd/Gibraltar-...n-H-Metal-Black-Post-Mount-Mailbox/1000199961
It you are a certain YouTuber who stands 6'8” tall (Joe4U), and who rides an X48/X52 ebike and you might be interested in adopting my seat/saddle configuration for you own mighty steed, then the above $80 mail box is for you. This unit was also in stock at my local Lowes and I gotta tell you folks, this thing is absolutely bomb-proof. It really puts the HEAVY in heavy-duty. However, my 30” long inseam legs would be too short for this 9.6” high x 7.8” wide item. Also, if you ever intend to carry an extra battery, a minimum mailbox length of 20” will be required.
As you can see by the following photo's, I have incorporated various “seat/saddle” options for use on my mighty steed. However, before I proceed onward, let me give you this bit of wisdom: you, the rider, DO NOT even need a seat/saddle. For your consideration: the time honored cowboy/cowgirl/native americans who rode bareback astride the mighty horsey with nothing but their legs and heinie cheekz to keep them upright. You, too, can do the same on your lil' mailbox-- no seat needed. I actually did this when I first adopted this most awesome “seating” option. The 1st day I did a 50 mile ride. No problem-o at all. The second day, about 20 miles into my 50 mile ride, I started to feel “the sensation”.. My tiny ass cheeks were gradually feeling on FIRE.. Ablaze!! Talk about “pucker power”.. Had I popped a roid?? Spanked a monkey?? caa-caa'd when I should have doo- doo'd?? The world wants to know, fer sure. Oh momma, I was an aching puppy. So, I continued on for the remaining 30 miles, grinning(?) as I pedaled along. You see, I had forgotten to factor in one item as I compared myself to those cow pokes atop their trusty quadruped steeds (the mighty horsey): They were not 70 years old when their initial riding/straddling began. My bad. Duh. So, for short distance riding, the mailbox alone will suffice.
Anyway, for the following 3 days, I forced myself to NOT ride any bike. During that time I came up with the following options:
A large/wide/thick seat/saddle:https://www.amazon.com/Roguoo-Comfortable-Bicycle-Memory-Waterproof/dp/B089GPKYX7/ref=sr_1_12?
I didn't use the seat depicted because I happened to already own the one shown in my photo's. But, you get the jist. Your best bet is to go the your nearest SuperWalMart bicycle sales section. There you will find more varieties of “wide thick ” seats than you could ever imagine. It will be a simple matter to separate the seat/dense foam portion from the metal frame section. Eesy-breezy.
In my case, I did the following to secure the seat to the top of the mailbox:
Use GORILLA brand super wide(2.88”) duct tape (black or white). Run off 2 strips, each 4” long. Place one strip sticky side DOWN onto the mailbox, about 1.5” from the end of the rear section of the mailbox (the mailbox door needs to be at the rear/back of the ebike frame - more on that later). Now smear some really sticky glue (your choice) to the black/white (non-sticky) side of the tape. Now take the other piece of tape and attach its black/white non-sticky side to same on the mailbox tape. The sticky side will now be facing UP. Determine the best location for the seat/saddle.. I use a distance of 22” from the stem bolt to the leading edge of the mailbox and the put the tip of the seat right at the mailbox end.. Press it onto the sticky tape. Also use the web belts (see below) to further press everything together. Let everything set for a few hours to cure.
Yet another interesting idea: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082P1PHP8?ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details&th=1
I have this saddle unit, too. It really looks nice. However, it is just a little too thick for me to properly/safely get my 30” long leg hiked up and over. Also, my legs are just slightly hyper-extended when pedaling. Close, but No cigar. If you are looking at 31”+ inseam, then this item is the way to go. The 8 large suction cups are a really nice addition. I may take it apart in the future and “slim it down”. But still be sure to use the web belt option(below), too.
For a multi-person ride (and, yes, I have this item,too): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B095HRR25D?ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details&th=1
Web belt(s) (to help keep things secured): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074P3MPKB?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details
So, as I said earlier, the mailbox alone will more than suffice for rides shorter than 20 miles. If you may even want to mount a motorcycle seat pad, etc (using its straps), then so be it. Ya just gotta think outside the box sometimes.
By the way, my mailbox seat/storage unit can(and does) hold the following items:
An 18” long 52v battery..
Another 18” long 52v battery..
An OnGuard U-Lock bike lock: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008LWD59C/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The nice thing about the mailbox option is that the U-lock pieces (2) can be left unattached to each other. That saves the additional “unlock to use/re-lock to store” repetition of normal u-lock usage.
A magnetic box key holder (for the U-lock key and the extra ebike battery removal key) https://www.amazon.com/WYZworks-Magnetic-Hider-Holder-Under/dp/B07B6FCRHZ/ref=sr_1_23? Think about it. .Brought an extra battery.. Forgot to bring the key.. (you will only do this once, by the way).
If you actually mount this/these aforementioned items (the tool box/mailbox) to your Mighty X48/X52 Beast (ebike), you are also going to need the following items:
Door stoppers: https://www.amazon.com/Fosmon-1-25-inch-Non-Toxic-Odorless-Decorative/dp/B079ZCG66M/ref=sr_1_1?
These items are needed because the Ebike frame slopes down towards the rear of the mounting frame template. These stoppers will “level” things out so that you won't be constantly trying to slide off the back. Just Gorilla tape the pieces side by side. Now stick a hole thru them that matches up to the holes in the frame. A phillips head screwdriver will do nicely to “drill” those holes. Next, get some 12” long plastic/nylon zip ties to secure the stoppers to the main ebike frame. No movement/jiggling will occur because the weight of the mailbox/rider/stored items will hold all in place.
Doggie collars (Medium or Large size): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08TY9XQRD?ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details&th=1 This item is used to secure the mailbox door so that nothing will fall out. If you peruse the internet for these collars, you will also find that some are available with metal clasp units. However, in Customer Reviews, I have found that the metal items are not too secure after all. Thus, I stayed with the nylon black clasping units.
I forgot to mention this item earlier: Due to the configuration of the typical mailbox door opening method, the mailbox proper needs to be mounted “backwards” so that the door can open correctly (and fully). You'll see what I mean if you just set the mailbox on the X's frame and then try to open the door. Backwards is easiest.
In my case, I have to deal with the following on EVERY X52 ebike ride:
2 spare batteries, each 18” long and each weighing 8+ pounds.. And, at a total cost of around $1,200.00.
A 4th floor condo unit whose elevator is just a little too small for me to just wheel the Mighty X52 Beast in/out. So, I must “walk” it back on to its rear wheel and proceed “wheelie style” in to/out of said elevator to begin/end my daily 50 mile bike ride. The last thing that I want (or need) to deal with is a faulty securing device allowing my precious stored cargo to drop out the ass end of the container (mailbox) to the ground. Because, yes, I would indeed cry like a 2-year old-- and would probably wet/chit myself, too.

By the way, instead of cutting the doggie collar strap to attain a 50%-50% length on each side, go instead with a 33%-67% option. It will be easier to fasten/unfasten without having to deal with the mailbox knob.
Also, you will need to cushion/secure any items stored inside the toolbox/mail box. In my case, I stumbled upon some bathtub “slip-stop” mats at WalMart (though this link is from AMAZON, but you get the idea). Plus they are light weight and easy to cut/shape. https://www.amazon.com/EHZNZIE-Non-Slip-Phthalate-Washable-Bathroom/dp/B086226C2N/ref=sr_1_33_sspa?
Another option is to use high-density neoprene pads. I Gorilla-taped some of these to both ends of the mailbox to protect the very expensive contents.
I know that I am omitting some info from this posting. Old age, fer sure. If/when I do amendments, I will state so in the thread title info [updated].
Well, that gonna be it for now. As you can see from my photo's there are also other possible items of interest to you, the viewer. They will each be addressed later in other thread postings. I will number each of them.. Also, the photo's will show you that I have a tendency to constantly “dink around” with my wonderful toyz. What better way to be “70 going on 7”..
This thread is #1.


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