Looking for great bike shops


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Hello EBR community,
We are cranking along here in San Francisco building our next batch of electric bikes and are looking for potential retail partners for 2015. I was hoping the EBR community might have some suggestions on the best ebike dealers in the US? If anyone has any tips on great shops in the US we would love to hear your suggestions.

Happy New Year & if you are in SF come by for a spin.

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I bought my electric bike online from a shop in L.A. called Road Bike City. The owners name is Trevor Fenner. My bike had to be ordered from the factory in Australia and it took about 7 weeks to get it. Trevor was very good about keeping me informed about the progress of my order, and followed up after the delivery to make sure I was happy, which I was.
allspeed in Portland Maine is a great small bike shop. They were toying with the idea of offering ebikes. It would be a great opportunity for them as there are no ebike dealers in Portland Maine right now and the city has significan bike commuting community.
My bike store is Bike Attack, in Santa Monica. They have a store just for electric bikes. If you contact them, please tell them Andy with the Bianchi with the Rohloff referred you. I would love to try your bike. I have an Evo Jet but was thinking about your bike for my wife.