Cross-Country E-bike Tour Documentary - United States

Dr. G.

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Hi e-bike lovers,

I posted a thread some time ago about an e-bike documentary we are filming in the US. Thanks so much to everyone who has responded. We have made a final selection of exciting e-bike stories and are making excellent progress filming the documentary.

I am now e-biking across America with a Riese & Muller Supercharger as part of the film. The self-supported one-person convoy left on April 2 from Washington DC and is on its way to San Francisco. I expect to arrive on August 2 in the Bay area at the Western terminus of the Lincoln Highway.

See for my interview with Fox 55 morning TV show in Washington DC explaining the cross-country e-bike tour.

I invite you to visit to be part of the tour and to see if you live along the route as we follow the historic Lincoln Highway (old route 30). If you are a Warmshowers host, I also welcome the opportunity to stay over for a night. We are also cycling for a charity. More information is available on the website.

Route 66 - Lincoln Highway.png

Greetings from Adel, IA, and I look forward to hearing from you,

I have been following Greg all the way across the US, I planned going to Fallon and riding with him, but the VA threw a monkey wrench at and I was is Reno with 2 Dr's appt, when came thru Fallon.
Last check, he was in Carson city.
I enjoyed his trip.............would love to do some along these lines, if I could get rid of the VA/appt's.