KTM Macina Lycan 2016 Swiss Alps trip


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Well that's the carry with me kit all sorted for this years Swiss trip. :)

The next week of waiting to head off, is going to seem very long. :(

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Unless I decide to play with the gearing, the sprocket won't be required. I'll also only carry one of the chain lubes for each ride depending upon conditions.

I now just need my mate that owns the bike shop to hurry up and return my wheels to me, after he has finished giving them a thorough once over and spoke tension.

Can't wait to be back here again.

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Also on a very positive note, Instagram has done me some good, and a couple of lads that ride in the area where I am heading to, have offered to take me out on a couple of rides if I fancy it.
I thought that I already knew the whole area, but from the gps mapping that they have sent me, and the photos that I have seen, I certainly don't.

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(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

It'll also be good to go back to the site that I placed the memorial plaque last year. Despite having never met him, I still miss the online chats that I used to have with Pete.