Is there a dongle for the Evo Race?


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Considering this bike as a cheaper first step into the e-bike realm (versus the ST1 I am also considering). Of course, the main issue is that this bike only power assists up to 20mph, versus 28mph with the ST1 Platinum. Might a dongle be helpful to achieve higher speeds?

Any feedback/suggestion is welcome.

Probably dumb idea ... What would happen if one configured the controller for smaller tires than actual? Would this cause the controller to disengage PAS at a higher actual speed?
Ravi, but that 23-24mph would be solely my pedaling after 20mph, yes? Like, the power assist completely shuts off once 20mph is breached?
Ravi, but that 23-24mph would be solely my pedaling after 20mph, yes? Like, the power assist completely shuts off once 20mph is breached?

They are not Bosch bikes. They cut off close to 23-24mph.
NEO and EVO race due to their geometry, can do 25mph easily.
EVO race has hydraulic brakes and slightly nicer components than NEO.
The top speed depends on your assist level. In eco mode it's about 20mph and in boost mode it's 25mph. I always rode in the eco mode but since both my neo Carbon and neo Race had narrow tires, I was able to maintain (with vigorous pedaling) speeds between 24 and 27 mph any time I wasn't fighting gravity.
Neo Vs Eco, the neo is 3 pounds lighter and thus can be pedaled faster up hills, but the EVO can be charged without removing the battery, has disc brakes that allow better all weather riding and safer load hauling, and wider tire clearance between the chainstays leaving space for different tire options including studs for winter riding. I'm not sure why the MSRP is lower than the neo, but that's probably because the original MSRP on the neo was $4000.00
Changing the wheel size on the controller as I found out, does not change actual top speed because the internal controller already knows the size of the wheels. What it will do is show fewer miles traveled and display a lower speed than one at which you are actually riding.
Thanks everyone for the feedback. In speaking to someone at the bike shop yesterday, an opinion was shared that the difference between a bike like the EVO Race and the Stromer ST1 is that the Stromer would be a much more solid and comfortable ride, versus the BH which would feel every part of the road, especially on the thin tires. So from what I gather, even if I got close to the same speed from the Evo Race, the ride would be much less comfortable, and for someone like me who has a long commute, this seems a considerable issue.

As for the Nitro series, what stands out to me in comparison to the ST1, is that the MSRP is about the same, yet the Nitro has a much lesser battery. One positive seems to be that the Nitro has the throttle, where on the ST1, you have to hold the stupid button to throttle (for the life of me, I cannot understand why the make of such a greatly designed bike, would make a throttle where you have to hold the button on the display, instead of a real throttle).