Howdy All My BionX is Pooched

Bion X

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Hello everyone

Im Glad to be online with you all and hopefully someone can help me sort out my BionX ebike, I know that its not all that $$ valuable but I really like this bike and would love to save it.

My 48V BionX with 500W motor seems to be finished, you can feel the motor kick in as normal but instead of assisting it vibrates and brings the bike to a stop, as if it is generating instead of motoring . the display shows it motoring but it is not. I can set it to generate and it pretty much feels the same.

I live at the top of a hill and I am thinking that the last time I rode it I ran it too hard , it feels as though the windings melted somehow

Seems that I need a new motor wheel assembly, any thoughts??
This is good advice, Grin produced this video showing how to replace the controller of a Bionx motor. But if there is something wrong with the motor you may be right and need a new kit, which Grin can provide.