Tsdz2b with vlcd13 display problem!


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Hello, I got a new tsdz2b last week from pswpower. It's to replace my old tsdz2 I have been riding for a few years. After installing and testriding it for two days I noticed he did not indicate my speed but he did give me power but now suddenly the motor stopped giving assistance. I can power up the display, battery at 100%, the lights work but no power to the chain ring. When I turn the wheel, the lights blink every time the magnet passes the speed sensor. Strange behavior. When I hold the minus button for the walk assist function the motor starts and stops after one second. It should be the 48V, 500W version. No throttle or brake sensors installed. That's what I ordered. My battery is a 48V one. Any ideas to what the problem might be? I checked all the cables and they seem fine.

Thanks, Tom from Belgium.