Problem with light button of Shimano SW-EN600-L unit


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Hi guys,

Hi hope I posted in the good section...

Hi have an Orbea Rise M20 bike with these components :

- Motor Shimano EP801
- SW-EN600L unit
- SC-EN600 screen


On the SW-EN600L unit there are 5 buttons :

- 1 Bike power button
- 2 assist buttons (up and down)
- 1 display scroll button for navigate in screen
- 1 light switch button

I don't have light on my bike. I checked the manual of SW-EN600L, 2 buttons can be re-configured (display scroll button and light switch button).
Indeed I would like reconfigure the light switch button into "d-fly" in order to navigate on my Garmin edge unit (I do it on my road bike with di2 ultegra).


When I tried to reconfigure "display scroll button" no problem but if I tried to reconfigure light switch button I have an error message. The screenshot is in french language but it said that the function is locked on light activation/desactivation and cannot be changed, however I don't have lights on my bike and shimano manual said it is possible to reconfigure it...

Do you now how to unlock it ?

Thanks a lot :)