tsdz2 with osf - motor cuts off few seconds after i start pedaling


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hi, just installed tsdz2 on my tour easy, and display has full function when everything connected, but about ten seconds after i start pedaling the motor power cuts off -- no change in the display, so it appears all the connections are still sound. i didn't install the speed sensor, but this is my third tsdz2, and on the other two i didn't install the speed sensor on the bike. any advice on why power might cut off that way on this installation? if i power off and then on again, i get power assist for about ten seconds, just enough time to work my way through a few assist levels to check system function, but then the motor cuts off again. thanks for help, jeff
Try the non hubmotor forum on Endless Sphere because that is where the developer(s) of the OSF hang out perhaps? Otherwise I got nothing......