How accurate is Turbo Levo motor's built in power meter readings compare to a standard power meter?


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I had a run on Specialized Turbo Levo 2018 and I noticed that the Mission Control app can display motor and rider power output from motor's built in power meter.


My question is how accurate those numbers are compare to standard bike power meters?

In my opinion accurate power readings can be a great added value if you want to train with power and you have only one bike like Levo.
I can imagine a software feature that lock the rider output to the prescribed value of the training session. Something like what smart trainer does.
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Specialized claims that it’s as, if not more, accurate as other meters on the market. It also mentions that the app displays electrical watts generated, which has a bit of loss. I am assuming this is for the human power display but it’s not very clear to me. It could be just for the motor power.


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Thanks Toast for the input.

So it seems there are some degree of accuracy however as you mentioned their statement is a bit ambiguous.

I am wondering if any lucky person who has access to both Levo and a power meter can run a comparison test.