Help replacing thumb throttle with half twist on Fold XS


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I really hate the thumb throttle on my fold xs. Can anyone recommend a simple half twist throttle that I can plug in using the existing 3-prong connector? I cant seem to find one anywhere. It’s a 48v, 750w rear mounted gear hub bafang motor (G06 series). Thanks!
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Don't you have a twist shift? How would you do both?
I’ll swap out the twist shifter. Shifters are easy to find and replace. The thumb throttle is the dealbreaker. Sondors customer support was no help, they just dumped me off to the facebook forums (which was also sadly a waste of time).

So if anyone knows of a half twist throttle that is compatible with this bike (without soldering new connections) i’d love to hear about it
Bafang has half twist throttle (female plug). $@20 Might work. Buy w free return policy.