Help: Izip VS Bosch system bike (Felt) VS Raleigh E Bike

Should I buy IZip or Bosch system ebike

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I'm 6ft 180Lbs and commute about 30 miles round trip (many hills) 3-4x per week. I'm looking for an e-bike that will be durable, ideally can go to the 28 mph (though 20 would be fine), and is enjoyable to ride in eco-mode. I've found some good deals on IZip, but have been told by a dealer that components and durability of that motor/battery system is poor after 1-2 years. I've been told that Bosch systems are the best, though quite a bit more expensive.
Any opinions from users who aren't dealers? feedback from IZip long-term users would be especially welcome or Bosch system users.