1. J

    Raleigh Array Mechanicals

    This may not be the right place to ask so apologies if so, A few months ago I bought a Raleigh Array approx 3 years old. The bike had had a hard life and was needing a lot of work, having stripped and tested and ordered the electrical bits, I then moved to the mechanicals as I thought that...
  2. Serialnerd

    Rize vs Ride1up 700 vs Raleigh Misceo IE or Retroglide vs Surface604 Colt, Help Choosing

    Hello, New member and after reading the forms and much research I have narrowed my choices to the five ebikes listed below and kindly ask for some assistance from the more experienced members on their opinion on what to purchase. Each bike will fit my size and has features I'm looking for...
  3. NorthWestRider

    Commuter from Seattle -2019 Raleigh Redux ie owner here

    Hey all, Glad to be part of this community after lurking for months while determining the route I wanted to go with an ebike. I recently started commuting via bike again but always had to take the bus into work due to no showers at the office (I have lots of big hills in the Redmond/Microsoft...
  4. Emma H

    Mid-drives with throttle/trigger?

    I have a Haibike speed pedelec, which I love. Unfortunately, the knee injury that first prompted me to get an ebike has been acting up with increased frequency and duration. After a month of forgoing my bike for a bus, I can make it 80% of the way to work without pain, but the 20% seems to set...
  5. N

    2016 Raleigh Misceo ie For $750

    Hey guys! I am selling my 2016 Raleigh Misceo ie for $750. The bike was bought from the eBicycle Store in Greenville, SC. They had used it as a "demo bike" and would lend it out to people who needed the bike while theirs was getting worked on. When I bought it, they said it had been ridden less...
  6. F

    NEW IN BOX!! TranzX M25Gt Motor

    48v 500w Comes with all hardware as well as CN32 Controller. Top Speed of roughly 30mph. I inherited this and don't know much these go for so if the price seems out of line please let me know. Contact me for any pics you may want. I can take Paypal if needed. $300.00 shipped to U.S. 48. you can...
  7. Aisakura7

    Torn between two bikes

    Hello friends! So I've been researching the past month or two and have really gotten active in my peruse of an E-bike, I'm 5'5" and around 230lb. I ultimately would love a bike that I can cruise along the many bike paths in our area, ride down to the ponds with the kids, or maybe even attempt...
  8. E

    Advice on Trek vs. Raleigh vs. IZIP

    Hello all! I've been lurking about this excellent forum for several weeks now and finally decided to join and ask for advice on my ebike purchase. Here are my stats: I am a 41-year old female, 5'10" and 135 lbs, physically fit, living in the center of Atlanta, GA I currently commute to work by...
  9. L

    Commuter: Specialized Como 3.0 vs Raleigh Redux iE

    I'm on a long thought out journey of which ebike to buy for commuting 8 miles each way, while also serving as my only bike for group rides of up to 50 mile flat or gravel grinders. Test rode a lot and cancelled out Bosch options, while favoring a Brose mid drive. Can't decide between the...
  10. redalexx

    Kalkhoffs improved Impulse2 motor (2017)

    Due to a lot of failed Impulse2.0 motors in Europe in 2015, Daum Inc. & Derby Cycle (Kalkhoff, Focus, ...) improved the design of the motor and modified the software. The new 2017 motors are hopefully more reliable. Information about changes you can get here...
  11. dsvogel

    2017 Raleigh Redux IE - Install Lighting?

    After test-riding a number eBikes in and around the Atlanta area, I settled on the Raleigh Redux IE. It is impressive up hills despite the seemingly low wattage of the motor (I've learned that more watts doesn't necessarily mean more/better assist). It's also got that stealth look, with a...
  12. Bill R

    Pon Holdings makes offer to buy Accell Group Parent of Haibike

  13. V

    Need help choosing a group ride/commuter e-bike

    I'm new to the EBR forums but thought you all might be able to help me buy my first e-bike. Some data about me... 55 years old, 6', 195 lbs Started riding a road bike about two years ago to recover from lung surgery. Was averaging about 2500 miles/yr Do group rides, event rides and...
  14. DragonsLair

    Raleigh Sprite IE

    Can anyone tell me a good place to purchase a second battery for my bike or an upgrade from the battery that came with it when I purchased it?
  15. ACG

    Help: Izip VS Bosch system bike (Felt) VS Raleigh E Bike

    Hello! I'm 6ft 180Lbs and commute about 30 miles round trip (many hills) 3-4x per week. I'm looking for an e-bike that will be durable, ideally can go to the 28 mph (though 20 would be fine), and is enjoyable to ride in eco-mode. I've found some good deals on IZip, but have been told by a dealer...
  16. Tara D.

    Raleigh Detour iE

    Here is a nice efficient, mid-drive commuter Ebike. I like that the display gives you a read out of your estimated range in each mode. This is one of Shimano's most compact and lightest weight ebike drive systems on the market. It is capable of shift sensing if you have Di2 electronic gear...
  17. Tara D.

    Raleigh Sprint iE Video Review

    Raleighs second speed pedelec (capable of hitting ~28 mph in pedal assist) With the option of adding a boost ring for and extra $50. Has a new motor for 2016 M25GTS mid-drive motor from TranzX
  18. Tara D.

    Misceo Sport iE Video Review

    Raleigh is such a neat company to learn about. Founded by Woodhead and Angois in 1885 making it one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world! Looks like a fantastic light weight commuter bike with a range of 30-50 miles.