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I ride a Yuba Mundo Lux cargo bike and after a couple of years pulling the kids around on it, added a bafang bbso2 to help with the weight. Overall it has been great but definitely notice the bafang is hard on the bike and wears on everything from my drivetrain to brakes and front hub. Love my bike and would love to learn how to trouble shoot and service it better myself as it is really difficult to find any mechanics who will help with the bafang issues etc.
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I own a yuba bodaboda with about 6500 miles. I've had a geared hub motor on it since about 1500 miles. Since it doesn't engage the chain, no undue wear happens to other parts. I bought my power wheel at .
I wore out the power wheel at about 4500 miles, threw it away, and installed another I had bought previously. Took about 2 afternoons. Had to remount the controller since the old one was under the seat and the cables to the new one required it to be <3 feet from the motor. I have the motor on the front to maintain the 8 speed sprocket the bodaboda came with. Rear hub motors only allow a 7 speed sprocket.
My brake pads last about 3000 miles, my chain lasts 5000. I bought a park chain gauge, and when it was delivered my chain was at 100% wear. Took me longer to put the chain on than the new hub motor. Had to make some tools since the ones I owned weren't adequate and it takes 4-5 days to get something shipped from California. I own a chain stretcher for phelps-dodge bicycle (industrial) chain, and it was too wide for 8 speed chain. Neither of my bike parts suppliers search came up with any tool answering to the description "chain stretcher". So I made something out of a snap ring tool.