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  1. C

    Velotric Packer 1, Thoughts?

    Hi EBR! I'm interested in a cargo bike for running errands and grocery runs. I want to use a cargo bike even for Costco and big bag of dog food, hah. In my long search comparing various cargo bikes, I came across the Velotric Packer 1...
  2. E

    Riese & Müller - Carrie, a new shorter cargo bike

    Well designed accessories for this new Cargo Bike make it stand out.
  3. E

    Load4 75 e-cargo bike

    Hello, Im looking at a couple of options for e-cargo bikes for my business. One of them is the RM Load4 75 model. Anyone here got one? Any problems I should know about? Has anyone made their own load area side panels or rain cover? Thanks
  4. E

    CUBE 500 Hybrid e-cargo bike

    Hello, I am looking at purchasing an e-cargo bike for my business. One of my options is the CUBE 500 Hybrid model with Enviolo hub gear system. I have a couple of questions about this model that I hope other owners can answer: 1. How long is the bike overall? I can’t find this measurement...
  5. LisaJane706

    Hello, and I think I may need to move on?

    Hello, thanks for having me! I am an experienced cyclist, but relatively new to the e-bike world, and new to cargo bikes. Previously I was hauling the kids in a Burley on an acoustic bike. We sold the second car almost 2 years ago and I transport the kids almost exclusively by bike. I bought...
  6. E

    Surly Skid Loader

    A proven bikemaker enters the fray with a nice ebike and a great sense of humor!
  7. M

    Eunorau G20 Cargo - A User's Experience

    Hi All, Brand new to this forum, but I recently purchased a Eunorau G20 Cargo e-bike so I thought I'd share my user experiences, from ordering, assembly, riding experience so far, the good, bad and ugly of the bike, and of course answer any questions that people may have. When I was...
  8. PedalUma

    eCargo Tires

    These ones just came out. They are the Schwalbe 'Pick-Up.' They are heavy duty and fast. They are going on a restaurant owner's bike that will serve in place of a second car for her family. The three-year-old already rides bikes. He can go on the back along with groceries and supplies. In a...
  9. B

    Looking for an ebike and definitely overwhelmed ><

    I've read so many of y'alls awesome posts and suggestions for other people, so I thought I would dip my toes in, too, and ask for advice. I'm a moped person, new to the ebike world. I'm interested in continuing to reduce reliance on my car, and love using my mopeds to get around, but...
  10. Dewey

    Bunch Bikes partners with Argo Bikes on electric front box conversion kit

    Bunch Bikes who sell electric cargo trikes that have been reviewed here on EBR, are partnering with Argo Bikes to sell an electric version of their front cargo box conversion kit for a pedal bike they are rebranding as the Bunch Connect. Equipped with a front hub motor and disk brake, like the...
  11. K


    I ride a Yuba Mundo Lux cargo bike and after a couple of years pulling the kids around on it, added a bafang bbso2 to help with the weight. Overall it has been great but definitely notice the bafang is hard on the bike and wears on everything from my drivetrain to brakes and front hub. Love my...
  12. Chris Nolte

    This Commercial Pilot Chooses His Ebike When He’s Not in the Cockpit

    We made friends with Simon earlier this year and we’re excited to share his story. He’s a young commercial airline pilot living in Switzerland and he chooses to commute by ebike instead of car. He’s a really great guy and this is one of many people choosing to go by bike and we feel the world...
  13. Chris Nolte

    2020 Urban Arrow Updates with Henning Thomas at Eurobike

    Henning walked us through their booth at Eurobike and showed us all the exciting changes coming for the Urban Arrow brand. From updates to their family line to some new entrants on the business line up. We hope you enjoy!
  14. Chris Nolte

    2020 Tern Updates from Eurobike | HSD | GSD | Vektron

    We walked through the Tern booth at Eurobike with Steve Boyd the general manager of Tern USA. We got to check out the newly introduced HSD models as well as some exciting updates to the GSD including the introduction of a limited edition matte black color and the new Atlas kickstand. We also...
  15. Chris Nolte

    2020 Riese & Müller Load Review

    This is the new Riese & Müller Load for 2020. It’s frame has been completely redesigned to include the Generation 4 Bosch Cargoline motor, a belt drive and it’s now available with the Rohloff. I’m very excited about this bike as it has some great improvements from last year. I hope you enjoy...
  16. Chris Nolte

    She Fell in Love With Her Commute After Replacing Her Car With an Electric Cargo Bike

    I recently produced a video with my friend Catrin from R&M. It's a story of how she uses her Load to commute to work. I was very inspired and I hope this video inspires others to consider how they get around. I look forward to sharing more of these stories in the future to help others see...
  17. Chris Nolte

    Xtracycle eStoker - Longtail eCargo Bike

    I recently created a video of the Xtracycle eStoker. It’s similar to the Edgerunner, but it has 24” wheels front and rear. It’s a great cargo bike for those that want something more rugged or want to go off the path on occasion.
  18. S

    Blix Packa: Fun for the Family and EBR review

    Here is the latest Blix Journal! This summer, finding a new way to run errands, take the kids around, and even get to work, can add fun for the entire family. The Blix Packa compact cargo ebike, is ready to replace the car and help you and your kids spend more time outdoors, adventure...
  19. odunsche

    riese & mueller packster 60 nuvinci - almost new for sale - $5400

    riese & mueller packster 60 electric cargo box bike. barely used cargo box bike. made in germany, top of the line, easily holds two kids. bought february 2018 and barely ridden. aluminum frame, very lightweight. bosch electric motor with nuvinci sealed gear mechanism. over $7k new...
  20. Pontus Malmberg

    New Blix Packa Compact Cargo ebike!

    Powerful. Versatile. Stylish. Affordable. The Blix Packa is launching this spring! Sign up for early bird pricing up to 40% off during our Indiegogo campaign in March: Some goodies: Super compact cargo design comparable to a regular bike A dual...