Velotric Packer 1, Thoughts?


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I'm interested in a cargo bike for running errands and grocery runs. I want to use a cargo bike even for Costco and big bag of dog food, hah.

In my long search comparing various cargo bikes, I came across the Velotric Packer 1

I like the idea of 20" rear wheel to lower the center of gravity for heavy loads. They have a large rear basket that can hold a lot. I was disappointed to not see compatible panniers, and it seems like Aventon has sizeable panniers that can be finagled to fit on this bike.
Furthermore, the large wheel up front seems great for stability and better angle of attack. I experienced the speed wobble on the Aventon Abound and it seems like it's the geometry of the 20" wheel causing it, though, hard to say definitively. Has anyone else experienced routine speed wobbles on 20" front wheel bikes?

I plan to test ride this bike next week and am curious to hear if anyone has experience with this bike or other more recent bikes from the company.
I only found a handful of posts on Velotric and nothing on the Packer 1.

Thank you!