I’m new here, Canadian (Manitoba) Aventon Abound owner

Benjamin James

New Member
Hello everyone, mid 50’s first time e-biker.
I bought a new Gen 1 Aventon Abound longtail cargo bike.
I’ve since installed the Aventon Aventure front rack (I like the cow-catcher look), their rear pannier bags (huge, two cases of beer/bag), a dinger (bell), I got their free second battery option, and bought a Topeak E-Explorer bag and adapted the Topeak slide-rail kit to mount it (took some work. It also has a Cane Creek elastomer suspension seat post (Thudbuster LT).
And since the stock headlight had no useable output, I’ve retrofitted a Hella FF50 fog lamp to the front with a retrofitted H7 fan cooled LED lamp, using its own rechargeable 7.0 AH 12 volt SLA power supply. (I’ll be swapping that with a new custom 12v 16 AH lithium pack that has half the weight and over twice the capacity)