CUBE 500 Hybrid e-cargo bike


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United Kingdom
I am looking at purchasing an e-cargo bike for my business. One of my options is the CUBE 500 Hybrid model with Enviolo hub gear system. I have a couple of questions about this model that I hope other owners can answer:

1. How long is the bike overall? I can’t find this measurement, but can find the wheelbase measurement..
2. Is the Enviolo hub good for hilly areas. I live in North West England near the Pennines, and it isn’t flat country. I don’t want to choose this system and find it can’t cope with a hill limb.

Any other insights into this bike gratefully appreciated, thankyou
Can't recall how long the bike is and we only get the Sport version here in the US, but I can help with Enviolo and overall Cube Cargo impressions.

Probably my favorite riding front loader!! The 27.5 wheel in the back is nice for rollover capabilities, steering feels great, overall a very capable front loader! Enviolo is used on a number of other cargo bikes, it's great being able to shift when stopped. The gear range should be adequate, it's quite hilly here in Hood River, OR and folks ride cargo bikes all over with the Enviolo.

I'd encourage upgrading or adding the 2nd battery, especially in commercial application. The Bosch Cargo motor will eat up that single Powerpack pretty quick. I'd also consider upgrading to a Kiox or Nyon display, much better for knowing battery level and range. Not sure if the UK model gets a cafe lock, if not add one, IMO, that way you can take the display off (like an ignition key) and lock the bike to itself.