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I proudly own a Sparta e-bike, boasting the cutting-edge 2023 Bosch Smart system with a powerful 75nm motor. Additionally, I have an older Gazelle e-bike from a previous generation, featuring the 45 nm Active Line motor, which dates back about 8 years.

My experience with the Gazelle has been less than ideal. Despite its age, it never provided the satisfying, natural support I desired. This disappointment can be attributed not only to the Bosch system but also to the Nuvinci Harmony 360 automatic Internal Gear Hub (IGH), which proved to be a constant source of frustration. The Nuvinci brand has since transformed into Enviolo, but I ultimately made the decision to part ways with it.

On the flip side, my Sparta e-bike delivers a remarkably natural riding experience. The new 'Auto' mode lives up to its name by offering seamless extra support when necessary, especially on challenging terrains or when facing headwinds. I rarely find the need to utilize the other support modes.

The Sparta e-bike boasts the reliable Gates CDX belt system and an innovative Shimano 5-gear IGH, specifically designed for e-bikes. While pedaling through the flat landscapes of the Netherlands, I predominantly stick to 3rd and 4th gears, occasionally shifting into 5th gear. The terrain here rarely demands the use of 1st and 2nd gears.

To enhance my riding experience, I utilize the Flow app on my smartphone, seamlessly integrated with the Bosch smartphone grip, which also features wireless charging capabilities.

If you're interested, I've included some pictures of my bikes below:


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Congratulations on your new e-bike! It will be interesting to hear more from the person in the Netherlands and about the Bosch Smart System!