Hey Y'all, I'm from South Carolina


South Carolina
West Columbia
Hello Everyone, I am from Columbia, South Carolina. I've had my Aventon Level.2 for about a 10 days now. Since I did a lot of research, I am writing this introductory post to possibly help others during their research.
I was nervous about spending so much with Aventon online in April of 2024. But I did not have any issues and delivery was with FedEx and on time. The free extra battery is scheduled for next week. FedEx showed up in a Budget Rental Box Truck with too nice guys and they delivered the bike. I carried the package into my living room and It took about two hours to assemble by myself. I also purchased the backpack pannier and the side view mirror. They gave me a 10% veteran discount, I used ID.me to verify my veteran status. The total cost counting the backpack and the mirror then adding a SC tax of $117.88 was a total of $1801.84. I used my Credit Card and to my surprise, my cash back feature on the purchase from my bank was about $94.61. I sold a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 motorcycle about 2 years ago because I just got tired of it and I had ridden everywhere. I was paying property tax and insurance on the Kawasaki. Also getting the Kawasaki serviced around Columbia was very difficult and as a result I had to learn to do major maintenance myself, which I would rather have had paid someone else to do. I was always loading my 24 speed Gary Fisher (pictured below in red) onto my old Swagman XTC2 hitch mounted bike rack and then riding around town on lightly trafficked streets with much enjoyment, and I never tired of that. However, after riding my Gary Fisher for an hour or so; if I was interested in some road but it had any kind of down hill slope, I would avoid it because the return uphill was just too exhausting and I kept thinking to myself, If I had an Electric Bike, I might be able to explore more areas. I also realized that I really saw more, and enjoyed more areas on a bicycle than I ever did on a motorcycle. I bought the Gary Fisher about 26 years ago. Also pictured below is the Aventon on the Swagman XTC2 bike rack after I made some modifications to the rack. The bike at 54 pounds (without the 8 pound battery) is really too heavy for the rack but my alteration is working just fine. Aventon states that the bike weighs 62 pounds with the battery. I also did not install the front fender which weighs 11.2 ounces or 316 grams. I remove the battery when transporting the level.2 on the altered Swagman. I figure without the battery and the front fender, the Aventon probably weights around 53 pounds. The Swagman is rated for 35 pounds and will hold two bikes for a total of 70 pounds.

Aventon Columbia Canal.jpg
On Sonata rack.jpg
Gary Fisher.jpg
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Welcome aboard! My brother lives in Columbia — beautiful city. Would love to bike along the river someday. Guessing there are some nice bikeways there.
Welcome aboard! My brother lives in Columbia — beautiful city. Would love to bike along the river someday. Guessing there are some nice bikeways there.
Thanks Jeremy. The picture in my post of the Gary Fisher is at Saluda Shoals Park. Lake Murray was formed from the Saluda river. The Aventon with the water in the background was taken at the Columbia Canal, which was built to help vessels traverse the rocky shallows of the Congaree river during the Civil War. The Congaree and the Broad rivers meet here at the head of the canal. They call the boardwalks and paths in these areas "The Three Rivers Greenway". I live only minutes from all of these places.