I got it! and hello from Florida


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Been looking at eBikes for about 18 months and just got tired of analysis paralysis so I narrowed it down in a very non-technical way.
1) who has been in business more than two years
2) has a reasonable positive following online
3) I wanted to buy local

I had already gone through most of the tech selections, I knew I wanted a fat tire 26" then 750 watt Bafang hub motor and my budget was hovering in the low $2000 with leaving some room to accessorize.

I landed on the Aventon Aventure 2. Couldn't be happier and now enjoying all the research for add ons and upgrades. Need to adjust a few things like the rear rack and check all the bolt tightness, disc trueness stuff like that.

I'm glad to be here, maiden voyage was 9 miles, yesterday despite the heat and humidty I did 12.5 miles in a nice loop.

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Welcome to the forums. Nice to see another Florida rider on here.
Welcome, started my ebike journey with the Aventon Level. Still running like new, though it is now relegated to my "guest" bike.