Hello from freezing New Hampshire

Mr Phil

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My name is phil and i am glad to be here. I am a disabled man who is seeking an about town trike. I need to mention I am pretty obese and weigh about 450, I have lymphdima in both my legs, and some minor heart issues. I like the idea of a greener option to get around. I live in a medium town so bike would be better than a car. I spent some time looking and researching and found the worksman PAV3. it seems up to the task. any other trikes i should consider?


Welcome to the forum Phil! Good move on going green and potentially getting some exercise while getting around. The Worksman guys are pretty close to us in NY. You can also check out the folks at https://www.libertytrike.com/, Jason the founder also has some other trikes and he might be able to assist you. He's in NJ. I think Court recently reviewed some of his other trikes so you can check them out.