For Sale: 57cm 2023 Gazelle C380 HMB, Chicago, $4,200


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Selling our 57cm Gazelle C380 HMB (2023 version with the Bosch Smart System) Class 1 eBike with our Burley Encore trailer. $4,200. Class 1 eBike offers mid-drive pedal assist up 20 mph. This bike has a integrated Enviolo internally geared hub with a gates carbon belt drive. It's an amazing continuous shifting system making it super easy to haul you or your munchkins around town.
The Gazelle was purchased new at the start of this season, it has about 150 miles on it and is in pristine like new condition. It comes with the new for 2023 650wh battery and Bosch Smart System. The Bosch Smart System is amazing, integrates with Apple Health, has Bluetooth Locking and is the newest most efficient drive system offered on any eBike today. It has an integrated cafe lock on the rear wheel. Comes with the original manual and charger. Still under warranty and JC Lind Bikes can service this.

I am upgrading to a long tail cargo bike as our kids are aging out of the trailer. I'd like to have this go to a good home ASAP. Located in Ukrainian Village (Local Pick-up Preferred). Please DM if you're interested. Full specs of the eBike are here (57 cm in Denim Blue , this frame is for 5'10 - 6'5 riders)

Burley Trailer is available with the bike for an additional $250.


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