[FIXED] Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computers Have Gone Mad Post The Latest Firmware Update, E-Bike Connection


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In the bug referred to in post #1, speed and distance would be doubled, at least approximately. Your issue looks like something different. :(

I dare say you will get lots of suggestions here as to what you can do, because of course everything is easy for the person who doesn't have to do it. That said, my suggestion would be to take a ride and check whether your bike's odometer registers as many new miles as reported by the Roam.
Why A WiFi Connection Is So Important For Wahoo Bike Computers

A friend contacted me this morning to ask about weird behaviour of her Wahoo Bolt v2
  • The device would not allow uploading routes from external apps (such as Komoot) anymore:

  • The device stayed at the factory default firmware version. The Wahoo Companion App offered update to some very old firmware version but no update was actually occuring:
One of my first question was "Are you sure your Bolt can connect to your home WiFi?" to which she answered she had no WiFi access at home. Aha...

I recommended she set up a WiFi Hotspot using her smartphone. Then she used the Companion App to define the WiFi connection parameters. I also asked her to check for the updates from the device using the System Info section of Settings.

The device started updating itself immediately. It updated to the old WA22 firmware version first. On the next attempt to update, the latest version WA51 installed, so my friend had finally a fully updated Wahoo Bolt v2. Now, I asked her to update the Wahoo Companion App, which she did as well.

Next question of her was related to Maps. As it turned out, she had a lot of Maps on her device but not maps of Poland. Now, I taught the friend how to manage the Maps for Wahoo.

All the issues my friend had was the lack of proper WiFi connection from the beginning of using her Wahoo device! Now, all the issues have been fully resolved.
WD14-16525 and reports up to date
@miscon1618 your device is a Wahoo ELEMNT Roam v1. The latest firmware 16708 was released on March 5th, 2024. See:
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