[FIXED] Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computers Have Gone Mad Post The Latest Firmware Update, E-Bike Connection

3. How much do they care about the e-bike market segment?
Probably not enough :(
I'm frustrated as the only service to which I can upload (and correct the distance for) my rides is Strava. I stopped uploading my rides to RWGPS or Komoot since 14th of August 2023.
bobf, I’m with you and understand your frustration on this fault. I moved from Garmin because I liked the extra ebike data the Wahoo gave me. My old Garmin 820 stopped giving me audible alerts with my Garmin Radar. For my needs, the Wahoo was great, until the firmware update that amplifies the distance ridden on my Creo was released. My Creo is a 2021 model that has the old TCU, which does not allow over the air updates. Just a thought, does anyone know if the bug also affects the newer versions of the Creo with the latest version of the TCU?
I appreciate your comments. I have a 2022 with mastermind TCU, and just today I was rewarded with double miles for my efforts.:confused: So from me, at least, the answer to your question is yes.

On another thread I saw where an Orbea owner has a Bolt that is reporting assist levels as 0, 2, 4, 7 instead of 0, 1, 2, 3. The doubling continues, more or less.
I’ve been frustrated because I haven’t ridden my Creo in several weeks, due to going on a cruise ship and coming home with Covid (It was a mild case, but I have a lingering cough and am still somewhat fatigued).

This thread makes me feel a little less frustrated. 😂 That bug would drive me nuts!
Just saw this: Wahoo has released an update, dated September 6, that supposedly fixes the doubling of speed and distance. I'll find out if it works tomorrow.

That would be a great news Bob only the update is not available for me yet. Will be waiting!

Downloaded! Installed! May it work!

Thank you Bob for the early information so much! I've been frustrated and intending to write an angry e-mail to Wahoo Fitness! :)
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Good News! The latest firmware update to my Roam V2, has finally fixed the bug that amplified the distance and average speed when synced to my Creo. Now running Version WC35-16331. Hope this is also works for all others that had this fault. Once again, big thank-you to Bob for posting the firmware update information, this made my day 👍
Oh Jeez, now the Wahoo firmware update page (see post 24) says the September 7 update is "temporarily withdrawn." So what's wrong with it, and will my Bolt now revert to double distance?
Hopefully, the downgrade would not affect already upgraded devices...
But I would hate being a new owner of an ELEMNT trying to use it with an e-bike!
New update released on 9/19. I'll give it a try.
Sometimes it's good to have nothing better to do than to keep checking the Wahoo website.😉
New update released on 9/19. I'll give it a try.
Sometimes it's good to have nothing better to do than to keep checking the Wahoo website.😉
Now I'm afraid to update! The 9/6 version has been perfect to me!