Creo Upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2?


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I have reading the Levo forums, where they have confirmed the SL 1.2 does fit a 1.1 bike, but not the bash guard in a neat manor. They did use the Mastermind TCU, so not clear if this will work with 1st gen 10 LED units. They gave links to a few SL 1.2 for sale is USA at $1750 v $1200 of the 1.1. The other issue with this is the cranks. The new DUB interface seem to be rare in the e bikes cranks and I have only founds a single shop in Europe that stocks them. All are in 165 / 170 and 175 at £100 (about $120) and the carbon ones are an eye watering £500 ($550 ish).

However, I did identify another potential upgrade path. The Levo SL kids is an alu downsized Levo with SL 1.2, mastermind and new battery for $3500. The cranks would need to be changed and could like fit old motor to Levo kids and sell that on. If you could get $2000 back on that....$1500 is a tempting upgrade.....

Obviously I will wait and see what the new Creo has when this breaks cover, but potentially a few interesting options