New SL 1.2 motor revealed

So a guy who manages a specialized lbs told me that the new Vado SL with the 1.2 motor is in production but he also said the model wouldn't be released until they sell down the stock of the old model. No new information there really, except that apparently the new bikes are in the process of being manufactured and readied for the market. That is, if he even knows what he's talking about. The shop is part of the relatively large chain of shops and he was the store manager so perhaps that's the extent of the knowledge "in the wild" about the current state today (June) with regard to the "rest" of the SL line apart from the Levo which is already out.
That does make sense. The Creo is getting hard to get hold of as new as stocks are winding down for the new model with SL1.2 and I would expect Vado to go the same way
I like 1.1 motor on my SL, I did test ride a Creo with 1.2 motor and it was nice but I really don't ever use it in sport or turbo mod any ways. But will check it out when it comes out.
always riding in Eco mod about 15 to 20% assist.
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