Cortland - True Range and Reliability


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My daughter has test ridden 5 e-bikes but she keeps coming back to the Cortland due to the low maintenance of the belt drive and internal gearing (plus it's just a beautiful bike). I'd like to know more about the range while on max assist (which is guess is just the higher of the two settings). Also, any high mileage examples out there? How are they holding up?

I know they are going out of business but my LBS states he can get all of the parts from other suppliers, except for the battery but he will stock replacement batteries.

Thanks in advance!
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It is a beautiful bike!

How long is her commute? Based on hearing that the range is 20-ish miles, I think a 5 mile commute (10 miles/day) would be reasonable so one could throw in an errand or two en-route. Also, keep in mind that L-ion battery range decreases in cold weather. Buying an extra battery up front might be a good idea also--your dealer well stock replacement batteries, but what if they sell out before you need one?
She only has to go 4 miles but it is quite hilly on the way home (and the bike will be sitting at the school outside in the cold). I think the battery should be sufficient. The battery replacement issue is definitely a concern though...
I just purchased a Porteur S. Its the best looking e bike out there. As for the battery replacement issue, you can always have the battery pack rebuilt. I really hope Farraday comes back to the market.