Chicago's Bike the Drive 2017


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Every year, Chicago shuts down its Lake Shore Drive on the last Sunday in May to car traffic, and lets bicycles have it from 5AM-11AAM. Twenty thousand riders or more take the opportunity to ride it. Last year, my wife and I took our e-bikes, but my BBS02 mid drive didn't work, so I pedaled it manually and we did 20 miles.

This year, I brought the BBS02 again, and my wife took her LG beach cruiser. It was a perfect day, and we finished the 30 mile loop in 2.5 hours. Actual mileage was 31 miles. My wife only got 22 miles from her battery, a 48V 12AH model., but I had packed a spare for her.

I managed to do the whole trip on one battery, but I was mostly at PAS 1


Most of the bike traffic bunched up around 12-14 mph. There are some hills on the route and from past experience, I knew most riders were working hard. As my wife cruised up the hill, I heard a guy on a recumbent mutter, ...."that's gotta be electric".