Bags for the Radwagon


After thinking about this since November I bit the bullet and ordered the
radwagon. Does anyone know of a double pannier that will Its rear frame. I'd like to carry some groceries.

Thanks for the help.
Just go to eBay or Amazon and search for "grocery pannier". Some may not fit exactly perfect...or you could wait until radbikes get new stock of their "made to fit" panniers (you might inquire when they expect some from customer service). I ended up making modifications to a horse saddlebag set to fit my radmini.
For a a huge selection of quality bags in a wide variety of sizes,, and my primary source for bike stuff, Make sure to select USD, and United States as destination to get price without the 19% VAT tax. Prices are so much lower for many bike items in Europe that it will often more than make up for the cost of shipping.

De Poort and Willex are particularly high quality bags from Holland.
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I purchased the doublewide from BikeSmart. No chance to use it yet though. Just had a knee replacement. It is wide enough.

Update: The double wide is a pretty good fit but the straps are just barely long enough to install. The bags are not all that large and look a bit small when installed an a Radwagon.
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