Advise on how to upgrade EB5 250watt 48v 17ah fat bike 20x4 wheels

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Hello everyone please could anyone help me figure out how to upgrade my EB 5 fat bike 250watt 48v 17ah 20x4 electric bike.i trying to find a different controler with display that will give me options in the settings to adjust the pedal assist percentage,at this moment I have yolin YL81F-V display but of course the controler will not give this option.the picture under is of the bike and the screen shot is what I'm looking for in a controller and display.


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Is the Yolin a speed based system where the power cuts off at the top of the PAS assist level? Those can be irritating when the power quits on you. Suddenly you have to supply ALL the power to go faster.

The other type of cadence PAS is the current system, where the power hits the current limit and stays there. The motor doesn't stop, but keeps running and you can add to the power and the bike goes faster with stronger pedaling.

If you have the second type, your probably won't get much benefit from another copntroller/display since you already have 8 PAS levels.
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Hi, Harry thanks for your reply I'm not sure what I have but the Yolin is the display and I have been told in order to change the pedal assist percentage you much have a controller and display that lets you do this in the settings Mine does not, so I'm searching for a new controller and display I can install for me to achieve my goal if you know of such a kit please let me know I would be very grateful. my display is the YL81F-V but I have been told it is the controller the way it has been programmed.i can not believe its not possible right.
Will this work with fat bike


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You're saying your display is the YL81F-Vm which has 3, 5, 7, 9 PAS levels with the ability to adjust individual levels, and then you say you can't do that? Surely, with 9 levels, your should be able to get one that is comfortable even if you can't adjust them,
Harry in each level of 1-5 I'm looking for a controller to adjust each one , example 1 =35% 2=40% 3=60% 4=80% and 5=100% that's why I'm asking would the controller and display fit my 250w 48v 17.5ah fat bike.yes I can change the pedal assist but not the percentage.


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this is what I'm after a controler and display that will do this.
hoping someone has a controller and display i can find .