My NCM Miami 500W upgrade. Where do I go from here?

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I recently bought the NCM Miami because I liked the cruiser styling. I was really after a bike with a bigger motor than my BH Emotion Diamond Waves 250W as I like riding along the ocean front but hate having to commute there. Now that I have moved inland I have to commute 14km to the seaside and want to do that as quickly as possible as much of the ride is on busy roads. I was lead to believe the NCM Miami could be upgraded to 500W when the motor became available after testing.

I purchased the bike and went of happy as Larry. I've fitted it out with a few leather paniers and a Thudbuster to make it both pleasing to the eye and more comfortable to ride.


In preparation for fitting the bigger motor I purchased a 25AHr 48V battery from CapRouge to ensure I would have sufficient battery capacity for a 40 to 60km ride. I also bought the Das-Kit Display C7BB-10 which enables you to program a top speed of 25, 32 or 45km/hr. The original 250W motor can be programmed to 32km/hr and it will happily get there with minimal peddling with a fully charged battery. To use the 46km/hr top speed you need the bigger 500W motor.

Eventually the day arrived when my new motor was available. I was as excited as a cat on a hot tin roof. The new motor's innards simply slipped into the original motors casing so there was no need to respoke the wheel. What a bonus! Unfortunately that is where my luck ran out. The new motor made absolutely no difference to the top speed or torque. If anything it was 1 or 2 km slower.

Just to be sure I had all the right gear I bought the Das-Kit Display with a throttle, the C7BBT-10, as I had read that this one was used on the NCM Moscow to make it faster. Once again my enthusiasm was dampened. The off road kit made no difference but the throttle is a boon when accelerating from a standing start to cross a busy road.

With a heavy heart I returned the "500W" motor to the supplier but kept the off road kit. Is there anyone in the market for the Das-Kit Display C7BB-10

I was then told to get the 500W 48V rear hub motor from EUNORAU. I was told it might fit directly into the original casing but if not they (the supplier of the original "500W" motor ) would respoke the wheel and fit it for me free of charge. I was wrapped. I paid EUNORAU and waited.

D-Day. My motor has arrived, but the weather is too fowl to cycle to the bike store to have it fitted. After a week I couldn't take the delay any further and seeing a small gap in the clouds I headed off to Malaga.

I was called a week later and I immediately rushed of the collect my newly modified bike. But!!!

The motor is working fine but the display is showing an incorrect speed by a factor of 7.25 x . When the display shows 3km/hr, i am doing about 21 or 22km/hr on PAS1 . Fortunately the 6 PAS levels still sort of work. PAS 2 = 25km/hr and PAS 6 tops out at about 50km per hour with lots of peddling and going down hill. On a level road with light to moderate peddling i get to about 40 - 42km/hr. The motor wants to go faster but isn't getting enough juice unless I peddle harder. I also can't use the programmed maximum speed settings of 25, 32 or 45km/hr as the display never senses a value over 8km/hr when it is actually doing about 50 to 55km/hr.

Where do I go from here.

1. How do I get the display to show the correct speed. Is there a possibility that the cables to the new motor from my existing controller don't match up and I need to swap 1 or 2 of them to get the correct reading.


2. My current Das-Kit CT5-15 controller has a nominal 7A rating with a max current of 15A. Will a 20A controller give me extra juice to overcome the wind and mechanical resistance to go from 40km/hr to my desired 45km/hr with light peddling



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Oh thats a shame no one came to advise,

i have bought a NCM Mosow plus in Australia, i too bought the off road kit for the extra speed up to 45kph with a motor upgrade, i can onlly get PAS a little over 32/33 kph

I thought about the 500w motor but its so hard to find information and get an OEM Das Kit wheel.