Speed error

Tom Ravenscroft

New Member
I've fitted a 500W G020 rear hub motor to my Miami NCM bike. The only problem I am experiencing is the Das Kit C7 dispaly is showing a speed that is way too low by a factor of about 7.

The supplier tells me this could be because the new motor only has 1 speed detecting magnet and to change the value in the display.

Unfortunately my display doesn't have that level of control.

Can anyone tell me if I could possibly open the motor and insert some extra magnets or else which display I can purchase which will allow me to configure the parameter.

I may also put in a new controller if anyone has suggestions. The Das Kit Ct5-15 has nominal rating of 7A and Max of 15A which may be on the low side. At present when pedling moderately I will get up to about 38km/hr but if I pedal harder it will assist up to about 50km/hr but that was going downhill. I was thinking a high
Welcome aboard! Great-looking bike.

My 2023 Surface 604 V Rook has the G020 rear hub motor with a (Bafang?) KD718 display and unnamed 48V, 25A controller. The combination gives good performance and accurate ground speeds, but the torque-sensing assist may work differently. Good luck!