A2B Metro gen 2 throttle works intermittently


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Hi had my bike for about three years, it has served me well, but of late it's had this fault, the bike runs perfect on the stand no problem, but when I go out on it, and ride it, the throttle only works intermittently, very frustrating, it comes and goes, so a bit of a pain while going on long journeys, hence need to trouble shoot, advice would be appriated many thanks in advance.Regards Shelley.
Well after taking the controller apart, a good clean with contacts etc,no change.Then looked at the front and rear break cables they were lose , not an expert just wondere if they have a Interlock or something, think they were a bit lose so tightened them up, hey presto seems to be fixed.Mangaged to actually go out on my bike, without having to walk home for a change...success..