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I have not been happy with the shifting on my LUNA Z1 since day 1. I blame it on the internal cable routing that is pretty much the standard today. The fact that now the cable is completely housed creates friction that makes the gear changes sluggish, especially in the middle cogs of the cassette where the cable tension is fairly neutral. To this end I had enough and started to look at electronic shifting options. I have avoided them in the past although they have been around for quite awhile due to their cost mostly but the new SRAM T-Type peaked my interest but to get into that was $1500 for the groupo as well as I would need a new bike with a UDH so all in upwards of $6k. Not in my budget I'm afraid.

I had seen the Archer system in a few articles and didn't really pay much attention to it. However upon doing some research it seemed to me like they have been making some now for awhile with many positive YT videos as to the fact that they do in fact work. Over the years they have made improvements also and the Gen 2 has a battery pack instead of individual cells and the shifter pod was redesigned over the Gen 1. So I decided to give it a go and as it turns out I am glad that I did.

For $429 it is arguably the cheapest entrant into electronic shifting especially if you factor in that it will work with any cassette in any speed config and also with any derailleur so it should work with about any derailleur type bike out either MTB and also road bikes with the remote shifters made for drop bars. There are comprehensive instructions on their site in how to set it up and I recommend following them closely and not making assumptions during installation. I am not known for doing that and so spent extra time on this but doing it again would be a less than half hour affair to remove the old shifter/housing, install the D1x and shift pod and use the app to clock the derailleur to the cassette. It helps to have the bike elevated somehow for this because you need to be able to pedal the bike in order to determine if the chain is settled properly on each cog using the app. Having a throttle for this seemed like it helped for me but not necessary. Pairing the shift pod to the shifter mech is easy also and once set they are married for life and no other Archer will be able to interfere with them. One thing I do recommend is to save your final configuration in the saved wheel category of the app because if you don't it will revert back to 0 basically if you go back to make some fine adjustments, ask me how I know!

Immediately upon riding at the first shift I could tell how crisp it was and continuing on every shift, even under some load, performed flawlessly up and down the cassette. There are some options lke the ability to perform multiple shifts that I haven't experimented with but will at some point but at this time just one click of the paddle per shift works fine. The shift paddle itself is probably not going to be much different of a placement than most shift pods however I have been using grip shift for years and it is going to take me a bit more time to get used to it.

As time goes on and the chain and cassette start to wear you can go back and fine tune any of the shift points so I will track that as the miles roll up. Also they make claims as to battery life for both the shift mech and the pod and I started out fully charged on both and will try and track their run time. There are little blinking lights that will show if they are coming to the end of their charge as well as if the systems are on. The Gen 2 activates by movement and the amount it takes can be adjusted in the app also.

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I've been using the Archer D1X Gen 1 for several seasons and I really like the performance. My only complaint was the battery. The cells were difficult to extract from the case and required a magnetic tool for the job. It was only a minor issue though since I only needed to recharge 2 or 3 times per season.

When the D1X Gen 2 was released, I bought one, mainly for the redesigned battery. The Gen 2 works equally well as the Gen 1 but the battery design just went from one problem to another. I actually lost the battery when riding through some brush. The spring clip caught on a branch and released the battery which fell out on the trail. Luckily, I didn't travel very far before I noticed the problem and was able to find the battery. It was undamaged and snapped back into place. As a result, I moved the shifter from the chain stay to the seat stay to get it out of harms way. I also wrap a small bungee around the battery & case as a safety factor.

So far, I'm not pleased with the shifter battery life. I need to recharge once a week or so. The problem may be caused by the shock switch sensitivity. Just the motion of the bike during transport or being wheeled in and out of the garage turns it on. I recently decreased the switch sensitivity using the app which I hope will help. For now, I carry the charger with me when I ride and can charge the battery using the USB port on the bike display if necessary. I do the same for the paddle remote and often leave it connected to the USB port when I ride.

An adapter is in the works that will allow the shifter to be powered by the e-bike battery. I'll be buying one when it becomes available.

Please note these issues are very minor. Overall, I love the product which IMO, can't be beat considering the price.
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Thanks for the heads up on the battery ejection possibility. I'll see what I can come up with as I tend to bushwhack if the need arises....I don't have a USB port on my bike however.

I decreased the switch sensitivity pretty much right away in anticipation of that. We'll see how it goes over time. Takes a pretty hard knock now to get it to come on and I might even dial it back some next time I'm in the app.

Discussed with Devon about getting it to run off the bike battery but they are still working on it. There is an available 5v plug on my bike and he indicated that would be enough v it is just a matter of Archer coming up with a solution for not just one bike but all of them?

Agreed on the price. In order to get into either the Shimano Di2 or SRAM AXS entry level is around a grand that also locks you into proprietary components. Crunch a derailleur and it is $$$ to replace it for instance and I have been known to do that in the past and why I use as cheap of a derailleur as I think I can get away with now, The fact that Archer's product plays well with any combination of derailleur/cassette enhances it's value to me for that reason. Right now I am using the original SRAM GX 12 spd derailleur that I had swapped out when I went to 11spd with an 11 spd $45 steel 10/50 cassette with an inexpensive Shimano 126link chain and they match up perfectly with some fine tuning via the app.

Which brings to mind a gripe I have about chains in that there are very few 11spd chains available that have up to 126 links. Most are 116 links and some 120 links but for my bike at least with a 38t chainring and a 50t cassette cog and the chain stay length requires a minimum of 125 links. Quite a few offerings in 12spd however so maybe next drivetrain change I'll go back to 12spd? Or maybe drop down to a 9spd to get a stronger chain, the world is your oyster with the D1x!
I am very happy with the crisp shifting of the Archer. I have not been able to figure out how to set the amount of bump needed to turn on the shifter in the app.
I am very happy with the crisp shifting of the Archer. I have not been able to figure out how to set the amount of bump needed to turn on the shifter in the app.
There is an updated app for the Gen 2 shifter.
For anyone interested in the new Archer D1X Gen 2 electronic shifter, there is a 20% off sale going on now. I bought a second unit for one of my other bikes.

Just use the coupon code RADDAD at checkout.
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