Im Chuck new to Ebikes


Old Fart on a EBike
Hi all my name is Chuck, I've lived in the Northern part of Nevada for better part of 40 years, with the PERFECT wife. Unfortunately she left ,e almost 5 years ago, for an older guy with long hair, walks in sandles :- (...Sorry, see she went to be with Jesus. And 3 years before her passing in suffered a massive overdose of Methadone a drug doctors gave me to help handle my chronic acute back pain. Well after 23 years in the wee hours of the morning I went out in my backyard, lit a fire in the outdoor fireplace, sat and waited for the day to begin, last thing I remember. Wife found me facedown in pile of dof crap. I was in a non breathing coma for over 9 days, it really fried my brain as well.
But on the lighter side I always road street motorcycles my last was a 1982 custom Goldwing trike most couldn't beleive it wasn't new. But now what we'll I started checking to see if I could afford a ebike this was May of 23.. the cheapest one was the Swagtron Pro, little suckered was fast but no peddles. After I fixed it up like I liked it, and I was offered more then I had into it so I sold, and purchased a Jetson Bolt Pro Referbished BIG MISTAKE. long story short between early July 23, I had to return two of them because shortly after I had them the breaks failed, throttle failed ect. The third is far better then last two by far. But still too slow, so I risked using my credit card, and purchased a Weton 48v 350w 15ah bike that was great for about a months and you guessed it tear breaks fell appart, this was on top of, the cell phone holder and charger breaking, the, advertising a break light and you just get a reflector, tires were not pretreatment ect, returned AGAIN now I'm at Late September and I finally realised that you sometimes get what your paying for. Three cheep bargin bikes made me spend as much time doing repairs as ridding.
Now I'm at the one again, yes I still have the Jetson Bolt Pro but after the speed and endurance of the Weton averaging 18-22 mph, and in com Parris is ion the Jetson goes 15 mph so...

Longshore story I learned that you get what you pay for at times, 4 ebikes in one Summer, or breaking out a few dollars now and go for the dream, so I purchased a White, Lecrtic XP.3.0 I splurge and got front and rear basket, the Longrange battery, they gave me the upgraded light, a lock that screws onto the bike and their phone holder. It has ALL the perks of all the other bike but way better.

Arrives Friday the 13th OH NOOOOOOOOO! I don't care I can't wait
How do you like your new bike? I just got a black 3.0 step thru last week. Only once around the block, so far, it won't stop raining! Can't wait til spring! Working on my bike already, installing the cargo kit I got with it and I have a set of bmx handlebars on the way. Happy trails