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hello all. finally got myself out here. rode my bike with the new racks and panniers to the grocery store. picked up a few items we need to complete the recipe for a crab/shrimp boil we intend to have this weekend. My friend on the Eastern Shore knows a distributor who assures they will be some fat "local#1s" that won't disappoint. Our daughter has asked us to invite her boyfriends parents over, therefore the reason for the feast. Hmmmm, interesting???
I wanted to do a little more than "to the store and back", and the clouds were awesome, so i veered of to put on a few extra miles.
A couple of old barns back on Brick Church rd and another off of Hawks Hill.
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the old Brick Church and cemetery. So quiet back here, it is a nice refuge from the hustle and bustle. Now nestled within the local orchard, I believe a maintenance building has been erected and a big debris pile right beside. The cemetery is in need of care, the old bell has disappeared and all the big trees have been cut. but it is still an awesome cloud day!
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Hiedelburg Group New Windsor Quarry recently returned to service. The beginning of the 7mi (11.2km) conveyer leading to the plant.
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more conveyor
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more conveyor with plant still a few miles off.

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I wanted to do more but thought it best to get the veggies home. Its blazin hot with humidity, but at least it is not hazy or smokey.
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cyc motor?
Is it the noisy one 😀
I'm having shorter but interesting rides as of recently.
  • Rode to McD in Żyrardów just to have fun and more kms (there are other McD nearer to my place!). On my return the other way, I discovered I was out of a sports drink! Could get dehydrated and as I found there was very hard to find any grocery store around! Had to zoom through potted gravel, loose gravel, rutted dirt and a muddy forest singletrack on my Vado SL to get to the nearest open grocery store before closing! To find a spare bottle of drink at the bottom of my pannier after my return home. Haha! :D
  • Learned how to wash my e-bikes with a low pressure spray in a modern manual car wash in my neighbourhood
  • Started rebuilding my Old Home post-fire. It took me two years to take that decision! I have also found my Old Home was visited by a cat-burglar for several times. As there was not much to steal, the man stole several items I could live without :) Now, the rubble has been removed from the property, and the greenery was trimmed, making any further theft rather difficult.
  • Found a traditional open-air restaurant bar by name of "Partisan Cuisine" :)
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Traditional Polish Pea Soup. It has to be as thick as the spoon should be standing in it! :) The price per serving is some US$3.40.

Apart from the above: Nothing interesting! :) 5,658 km ridden this year (I'm not Rab!) :)
I use the low pressure hot on the battery and controller, the rest of the bike gets the full hit.
Dont press the wax button!
The disc brakes will be cursed.

This washing the bike malarkey is not a regular occurance for me🥸
Almost twenty miles this morning in heat and humidity. i don't fare so well anymore in these conditions and use Turbo more than I like when the HR climbs past 150. Even so enjoyed the ride...met a young woman on the road (probably 4 years younger than me) riding a beautiful Cannondale...she was unnelectrified however encouraged me to ride with her group with about 50% bikes.

, the rest of the bike gets the full hit.
The easiest way to kill any bearings on your e-bike :) The high pressure spray will wash any lube from the bearings.
This washing the bike malarkey is not a regular occurance for me🥸
I could not stand my e-bikes being so dirty after the Mazovian Gravel. For instance, the rims were yellow from a kind of dried yellow mud! The bottom tubes were covered with a thick layer of dry mud!
Love Encinitas and stopping by Juanitas for a taco!
Finally got around to trying Juanita's. Excellent — and a safe and easy 4.3 mi ride down the Coast Highway! Korina's Karina's is also top-notch, and only 3.7 mi on the same route.

Maintaining burrito supply by ebike — doesn't get much better than that!
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Looks like the fastest way to rack up positive reactions around here doesn't even involve ebikes or ride photos. All you have to do is mention burritos.

As it should be. If they started giving posthumous Nobels and added a food prize, the inventor of the burrito should get the first one.

Of course, the first posthumous peace prize would go to the inventor of "Yes, dear."
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Caught a couple of photos today on my am ride before it hit triple digits. The Bighorn are giving the greenskeepers the day off today at O Donnell and a new look at Marilyn from behind...


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I have never eaten a burrito in my life, I wouldnt even know where to get one.
Without looking, I guess they are Mexican?
I certainly hope you can find a Mexican restaurant somewhere in your country and try a burrito, a crispy taco, and some refried beans. Yum! My wife and I eat Mexican style food at least twice per month (she makes excellent burritos right here at home when she's feeling ambitious).